The Clothing

Change feels good.

It’s exciting. It’s scary. It’s the thing that moves us forward.

As a designer and artist, I strive to embrace change in everything I create. Change is a positive expression of my work; I’m always trying to make something new, even with something old. My pieces bear the mark of different time periods and faraway places; they are an endless source of inspiration. Incorporating gently-used textiles sourced worldwide and beautifully hand-woven items into new, modern shapes is a true passion.

As part of one of the most polluting businesses in the world, I am conscious of my role in advancing systemic change in the fashion industry. This is why I strive to create everything as sustainably as possible through up-cycling fabrics and materials found in previously loved silk shirts, sweaters, leather belts or crocheted and embellished housewares or linens. Each of these items is given a new life though the process of natural dying and printing with leaves, by cutting and resewing with embroidery, or with visible mending techniques.

Change feels good. And as you explore my work, I invite you to discover how good it can feel for you, too.

Love, Maihyet