The Process

With a wink and a nod to vintage, from yesterday to yesteryear. All the clothing in this studio is designed and made on site. Continuously designing and making for each season. Pieces are created with new fabrics and up-cycles materials like sweater knits, linen and crochet. Leather pieces are created from new as well as from furniture designer ends. Vintage jewelry is often salvaged and re-assembled, to create contemporary wearable pieces.
The Ecodye Process
 I have always been interested in cocoons and chrysalis.
In this work I am exploring the process of transformation,  spiritual and psychological  and how it is constantly happening within a hidden environment.
 We are always changing, our bodies, our minds, our feelings are always in flux.
This work comes from a feeling I have in myself as part of our fragile technologically hybridized humanity. Of our connections and lack of them, to this our only Planet and the creatures we share it with, and each other.
I am using traditionally produced protein and celulose textiles, and native plants that I can collect as the process to connect the different layers of time and place. Pieces are wrapped up and then unraveled in a mark making archeological or historical record.
I am also interested in the changing landscape of Toronto as refugees and immigrants from far off places bring with them little fragments of their cultures and the plants they know how to grow, and how this is affecting the overall landscape of the city, and its gardens. I am finding with climate change the evidence that southern species are taking hold and seeming to do better than our own native plants.